Train Beacon is a mobile app which shows estimated UK train positions in augmented reality and on a map

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Point your phone in the direction that the track is running and see the estimated position and distance of trains from your nearest station as beacons on-screen.*

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Packed with new high tech features:

AR (augmented reality) mode

The trains and stations views in AR mode show nearby trains and railway stations in an immersive augmented reality experience. The app will attempt to locate trains that are departing from your nearest station and display them. Tapping on a train reveals more information about it’s calling points and last reported location. View stations nearby in augmented reality. Available on iOS 13 or higher and Android devices that support ARCore.

Train Tracker

Using it’s advanced geo-location and route finding capabilities, combined with real-time UK train data and it’s UK rail network map, the app is able to predict the estimated interpolated location of trains at any given time. The estimated train location is displayed on a map, along with information about whether the service is currently running early, on-time or late.

High precision information

The app is able to use and report times from intermediary passing points such as junctions, providing the user with a high level of precision and accuracy about the current status of a given train’s journey. Delay and cancellation reasons are displayed, where available, and you can save time by using the app as it automatically displays departures from your nearest station. See the number of train carriages, train category, power type (eg Electric Multiple Unit), timing load (eg Class 323), planned maximum speed (eg 90mph max), seating classes, reservations, catering, and operating characteristics (eg Driver Only Operation) in the Train Details screen, this information is only displayed if the data has been provided by the Train Operating Company.


The Trains screen shows services that are departing from your nearest station or from the station selected in the stations view. Tap on the large arrow for service details. Tap on the train tracker button for a specific train to see the estimated interpolated location of that train.

AR mode

Augmented reality mode displays the trains that are departing from your nearest station, or displays nearby stations, in augmented reality. Tap on a train or station icon to see more details. Tap on the “Trains” or “Stations” button at the top of the screen to switch between view modes.


Choose your departure station by tapping on the Stations tab at the bottom of the screen. Enter the name of your departure station in the search bar and then tap on the station name to view services departing from that station.


What our Customers Say

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Train Beacon is powered by National Rail Enquiries

*Augmented reality mode requires iOS 13 or higher, or ARCore support on Android devices

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